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How to configure new OpsGenie Updates
How to configure new OpsGenie Updates
Written by Sara Lynx
Updated over a week ago

For configuring new OpsGenie updates, you can proceed with the following steps attached to this documentation. By following these detailed steps, you'll be able to effectively configure new updates within your OpsGenie environment, ensuring optimal performance and alignment with your organization's requirements.

1. Log in to the OpsGenie Dashboard.

2. In the header, click on "Settings".

3. Then, on the left sidebar, click on "Integrations".

4. Open the BlueMatador Integration.

5. In "Alert Rules", click on "Create Alert".

6. Scroll down and click on "Show all properties".

7. Scroll down to find the "Extra Properties" field and then click on "Add an Extra Property";

8. Fill it with {{extraProperties}}, both in key and value;

For additional guidance and advanced integration settings, refer to the comprehensive documentation provided by Atlassian on Opsgenie integration settings. This resource offers further insights and assistance in maximizing the capabilities of your OpsGenie platform.


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