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The User Management page of the Blue Matador app allows you to invite users to your account. You can also view current users, change their permissions, and remove users from your account.

Viewing Users

To view the users on your account, navigate to the User Management page via Account > Users. On this page, you will see a table of the users who have access to your Blue Matador account. In the table you can see their names, email address, permission level, created date, and last login date. There is also an option to delete the user.

Inviting Users

To invite users to your account, click on the Invite User button in the top right corner of the User Management page. This will bring up a modal form to invite users.

In the modal, enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite to Blue Matador. Check the Admin checkbox if you’d like the user to have admin privileges in Blue Matador. You can invite multiple users by clicking + Invitation, which will add another user line to the form.

When you’ve finished entering user emails, click Invite Users to send invitations. A unique invitation will be sent to each email address you entered. These invitations contain a link to join your Blue Matador account and stay valid for 7 days.

Changing User Admin Privileges

In Blue Matador, there are two permission levels, Admin and User. In general, User level permissions let users view data, but restrict them from making changes to the account, such as setting up integrations or inviting users. Those actions are reserved for admin users.

To change the permission levels for a user, click on the dropdown that shows the user’s current permission level. The permissions are updated as soon as you make a selection from the dropdown, but the user will need to log out and then log back in to see updated permissions.

You cannot change your own permission levels.

Deleting a User

To delete a user, click and hold the trashcan icon at the end of the user’s row. You will have to hold the button for 2 seconds to confirm that you really want to delete the user, after which the user will be removed from your account.

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